Thursday, September 10, 2009


Such a blast I had with this one! Had less than 24 hours (still in recovery) to whip this one out for Jeff Quinn at Time Out New York. The subject was music lessons on the cheap in nyc. He wanted a smaller illustration to be surrounded by text but I ended up suggesting a larger image where the text could be inserted in the middle of the illustration (over the colored stage lights). Once the illustration was complete and turned in the sad conclusion was reached that laying the text over the busy color field simply wasn't going to work. A poor retoucher was tasked to drop out the background leaving only the figures. Sigh. I'm still very pleased with the piece though so we'll just have to enjoy it in it's entirety here.

Sloppy contractors setting a bad precedent - Custom Home

Disgruntled employees spread bad vibes throughout a company - MyMidwest

*Starring Shane Luitjens as disgruntled employee. :)

Architects putting their heads together for a 'Best Practices' meeting - Residential Architect


So there you have it, I'm still here, still illustrating. :)

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