Friday, March 6, 2009

The Bankrupt Patient

This was for Jennifer Wenger at American Medical News about what to do when your patients declare (or are in danger of) bankrupty. Below is the final version that I sent in - the newsprint was the AD's idea, not something I would have likely come up with on my own but I am certainly pleased with the result.

Alternate sketches:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drawing Dreams Foundation

"[Drawing Dreams] is a Berkeley, California-based non-profit organization that provides art supplies to children's hospital's artist-in-residence art programs, and other organizations where the need arises."

I was recently asked to contribute some images to Drawing Dreams to be used in a collection of images that they use to create cards that are then sent out as gifts to donors. That said, if only I had boat loads of money I could dole out to the millions of worthy and needy organizations that are out there, that certainly not being the case, it's so incredibly nice to have the opportunity to help in another way by donating art.
Be sure to stop by their website as it is most definately worth it - not only do they display a sizable gallery of professional artwork but work by the very children who are benefitting from the program as well.