Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Web Store + L Mag

Crazy, my first web only commission. I sent in a lo-res jpg and then that was it! A little anticlimactic? A little taste of the future of illustration? Fortunately I can attest that the rates were not only on par with print rates but actually a little higher than what this particular client had paid in the past. Phew! Certainly a little disappointing not to have a printed version to look forward to but ultimately - no complaints here.
The story was about an NYC man who is advocating for rooftop bee colonies. Crucial to the eco system he says and likely correct. You can read the article HERE.

On another note! I've decided to give Big Cartel a whirl. I'm convinced people feel more comfortable purchasing in a way that feels more official as opposed to simply emailing me....I'm using the free version right now which only lets you load up five items at a time so my apologies for the scant offerings. I've got a handful of my small flea market paintings up, all going for $40 a pop (Yay! Affordable art!). Should this prove a success you will certainly be seeing more indeed - promise!
Check out the NEW SHOP!

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