Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ASCA School Counselor

I've been working on this here project for the better part of the past couple of weeks. I feel it was well worth it indeed! The AD, Monica Bussolati of Bussolati Design was an absolute pleasure to work with, just letting me do my thing.
For the cover concept, I had several ideas but the one I was really attached to was using the different types of U's to show different types of schools....So I hashed it out every which way I could think of. The first interior image below actually started out as a concept for the cover that was tossed out but happily made a comeback as an interior image.

Interior Illo 1 - Finding a College That's the Right Fit...(sorry Pratt, my apologies for the traitorous RISD logo!!)

Interior Illo 2 - Career Exploration Leading to Higher Graduation Rates


Daniel Hertzberg said...

These are wonderful pieces Ilana. Congrats on the big assignment!

ILANA KOHN said...

daniel, thanks!