Thursday, December 6, 2007

art for love

someone came to me recently inquiring about any work i might have created out of love, something created as a gift for example. frighteningly i realized how lacking i was in that dept....almost everything i create has some sort of commercial imcentive behind it...i remembered a plan that my good friend ernest & i had been concocting for god knows how long--to create special works of art for one another (because i love his work sooooo much and want a piece for my very own)....but we're both busy & easily sidetracked.....plan went on the backburner. so! i gotta say. finally sitting down and granting myself the time & focus to create this painting for ernest felt great. he is a great friend and an infinite inspiration to me. that said...i hope he likes it! when ernest finshes up on his end, i'll be sure to post that piece as well. ooooh, i can't wait. to tide the rest of you over, and show you what all the fuss is really all about, here's a link to my buddy ernest.