Wednesday, October 24, 2007

welcome to my blog

ta da! and here it is! my illustration blog. this is something i've been toying with the idea of putting together for some time now. i'm such a voyueristic blog junkie myself, i knew it was simply a matter of time before i created my own. so go ahead and bookmark this page as it will now be the premiere location for all and any up to date news pertaining to my illustration. now i will finally have a place to share with you my thoughts, experiments, sketches, and brand spankin new work. i am very excited to get this dialogue rolling. and so! to kick this sucker off, i've got a spooky halloween piece for you. enjoy! :)


jashar said...

Welcome to the fold! I love the new illo.

ILANA KOHN said...

yay! i'm in the fold. :) bout time.

roxey said...

i love the new illo too !!

papricolandia said...

nice works!
beautiful stetic